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Porsche Boxster S

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Engine and transmission
The Porsche Boxster's mid-engine concept has been a decisive reason for its outstanding agility ever since the roadster has existed. In addition, the flat-six engines with their economical performance, located forward of the rear axle, make the two-seater Porsche a model of performance and efficiency.
The new Boxster models have opened a whole new chapter here. Both models' engines are more powerful than before on the one hand while being more than 15 per cent more fuel-efficient, irrespective of model, on the other hand.
Porsche Intelligent Performance: Greater efficiency from downsizing to coasting
The Porsche Boxster's engine has been derived from the Boxster S machine according to the downsizing principle and has a displacement of 2.7 litres - 0.2 litres less than its predecessor. To increase efficiency, the boxer engines feature electrical system recuperation and map-controlled cooling water thermal management. Moreover, Porsche is introducing the auto start/stop function for the PDK and manual transmission in the Boxster as well.
The Porsche Boxster with PDK transmission is borrowing the principle of only drawing on engine power when it is actually needed from the new 911 Carrera: so-called coasting. What is meant by coasting is rolling along without power, with the engine idling and with low fuel consumption to match. In practice, that means fuel savings of up to one litre per 100 kilometres with a forward-thinking driving style in everyday driving.
Manual six-speed gearbox or Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK)
A six-speed manual gearbox is fitted as standard in the new Boxster models, the gear ratios being optimally matched to the engine characteristics. The extensively redesigned Porsche PDK, available as an option, offers seven gears, gear changes without interruption to the power flow making for faster sprints and lower fuel consumption. In combination with the features relating to the chassis and the engines, the new Boxsters with PDK deliver a completely new driving experience.

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