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ferrari fxx evolution

ferrari fxx evolution information and images

ferrari fxx evolution front view


ferrari fxx evolution is upgrade model of the ferrari enzo. ferrari fxx evoiution is high performance racing car make bye the ferrari italy unit. owner of this car pay $1.8 million to bye it and this car is allowed for special tracks. The car components is same for past car ferrari enzo , but some special unique components of ferrari fxx evolution. like its engine is same as ferrari enzo but it displacement has been increased. the gearbox components is latest developed by the ferrari. its brakes are also upgraded.
the tires is 19 inch slicks. thats
monitoring and telemetry improves the car driving performance.

fxx evolution at showroom

Specifications of ferrari fxx evoiution :-

ferrari fxx evolution engine :- 


max power :- 588 kw,790 hp,8500rpm 

max torque :- 686 N.m or 506 lb-ft

ferrari fxx evolution top view
output :- 126hp
front and rear brakes :- Brembo CCM(carbon ceramic) 
with ABS
front and rear wheel :- front - 483mm x 229mm
rear - 483mm x 330mm
wheelbase :- 2,650mm

ferrari fxx evolution top speed :- 391km/h or 243 mph.
Until 2009 ferrari fxx evolutio is improved under evolution kit.the change bye this is generate in this engine 850hp and 9500 rpm and speed is increased upto 400km/h or fxx evolutin pur sound is very nice by this its know as sports car.    
michael schumacher with ferrari fxx evolutin
 michael schumacher in ferrari 2013

ferrari fxx evolution

 ferrari fxx evolutin with model

 ferrari fxx evolutin

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