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tvr tuscan convertible

2006 TVR Tuscan S convertible

tvr tuscan convertible in red

tvr tuscan convertible side view

tvr tuscan convertible

           Five different inline six engine options were offered to customers. Four of these were variants of the 4.0 L Speed Six making different amounts of power and torque, depending on the trim level selected. The last was a 3.6 L Speed Six which produced the same amount of power as the lowest-level 4.0 L engine, although slightly less torque.
Bore and stroke: 96 mm by 92 mm (4.0 L) or 96 mm by 83 mm (3.6 L)

Power and torque:

          TVR Tuscan: 360 hp (268.5 kW), 310 ft.lbf (420.3 Nm)
          TVR Tuscan Red Rose: 380 hp (283.4 kW), 310 ft.lbf (420.3 Nm)
          TVR Tuscan S (pre-2003): 390 hp (290.8 kW), 310 ft.lbf (420.3 Nm)
          TVR Tuscan S (post-2003): 400 hp (298.3 kW), 315 ft.lbf (427.1 Nm)
          3.6 L: 350 hp (261 kW), 290 ft.lbf (393.2 Nm)

tvr tuscan convertible interior


          Even though there have been numerous tweaks to the TVR Tuscan's chassis and suspension, the overall size and appearance of the variants remain virtually identical apart from minor aerodynamic aids to the S model in the form of an undertray in the front and a small boot-lid spoiler on the rear.
         In October 2005 the "Mk 2" version of the TVR Tuscan was introduced, though in reality this was just a minor facelift. The modifications were restricted to cosmetic changes to the front and rear lights, the dashboard, and the spoilers on the S model plus some minor changes to the chassis to improve the handling. At the same time, a new variant a full soft top was introduced alongside the original targa version.

tvr tuscan convertible front view

tvr tuscan convertible back view


0-30 mph: 1.73 s
0-60 mph: 3.68 s
0-100 mph: 8.08 s
100-0 mph: 4.15 s
It is worth noting that these test results were achieved in a post-2003 TVR Tuscan S without traction-control or anti-lock brakes. TVR's design philosophy holds that such features do not improve either the performance or safety of their vehicles and thus they are not so equipped. TVR rejects the notion that these features, along with airbags, are "safety devices" and believes that, based on testing and experience.

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